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4 Garden Myths

Garden Myths and garden nymphs Garden myths are many, garden nymphs not so much. I’d  surely rather be a garden nymph, than a garden myth, any day. Although garden myths at times can be gospel, … Continue reading 4 Garden Myths

Garden Maps

Garden Maps

        DOWNLOAD DESIGN MAP GUIDE Landscape your own property with a garden design map guide! Cultivate an urban garden that you’ll love. Garden maps are the way. Write It Down What’s your … Continue reading Garden Maps

Companion Planting

Companion planting, is the art and science of grouping plants together to assist and enhance each other’s greatest qualities, while adding biodiversity and balance to one’s garden. When applied in gardening and agriculture, plants are grown in proximity … Continue reading Companion Planting


Spring Gardens TIPS

Spring Gardens promise  There’s a lot to love about spring, the scents, the longer daylight hours, the incredible unfurling of buds and vines and the feeling of a fresh start. There’s a romantic, freshness to … Continue reading Spring Gardens TIPS