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Indoor Plant Care

In this video in true holiday spirit, I share with you quick and easy watering tips, to hydrate your indoor plants for huge success. If you want to create and maintain your own indoor jungle, … Continue reading Indoor Plant Care

Grow From Seed

  Plant   Your Seeds GROWING FROM SEED, is an acquired skill. A lot of gardeners shy away from growing from seed, for different reasons. Timing is one, technique is another. It’s so much easier … Continue reading Grow From Seed

Garden Maps

        DOWNLOAD DESIGN MAP GUIDE Landscape your own property with a garden design map guide! Cultivate an urban garden that you’ll love. Write It Down What’s your budget? What’s your garden zone, … Continue reading Garden Maps

Companion Planting

Companion gardening, is the art and science of grouping plants together to assist and enhance each other’s greatest qualities, while adding biodiversity and balance to one’s garden. When applied in gardening and agriculture, plants are grown in proximity … Continue reading Companion Planting

Spring Gardens

It seems that everybody likes spring. I can’t recall anyone ever mentioning, that they dislike spring. There’s the warmth, the longer daylight hours, the visible new buds forming on spring bloomers. Viscerally, spring is as … Continue reading Spring Gardens