Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Made Easy

Commonly known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig, the Ficus Lyrata is one of the biggest home deco trends of the last decade. Out in the wild growing steadily under the top canopy of the rainforest, if left unattended this tree can grow quite large and invasive. Highly domesticated and not so easy to grow indoors, the biggest issues you'll have with your Ficus Lyrata are rust stains and root root.

In this video I've outlined 6 easy care steps you can follow to ensure your ficus growing success. The slowest of all my indoor plants it is up their with the most complimented, it's so worthwhile cultivating a plant that'll love you back! Here's to you keeping your Ficus alive and not sweating the small stuff. Make your plant as comfortable in it's urban jungle environment as it is out in the mighty jungle!