Lions to Lambs



In like a lion out like a lamb, is often used to describe winter's fierce entrance into March, compared to it's polar opposite meek exit out. If you have relationships in your life, where you haven't quite got past talking about the weather yet, you've been in luck this month, as Mother Nature has been giving you a lot to talk about, over the past few weeks of winter!

The lion, seems to have been sleeping or in a coma. I'm not complaining, in fact rather relishing in this uncommon warmth over the last weeks. I am so ready for the change of season, it's been a welcome reprieve to have been granted - a get out of winter early pass. Even so, it's time to prepare spring gardens, read my blog post full of tips here. 

lions to lambs spring season

Lions To lambs - the seasonal change

Although there are pros and cons to erratic weather patterns. Firstly, you get used to the sunshine and warmth that has sneaked through the atmosphere, and you get a little lazy with your hats and coats and dont seem to be dressed properly when the true season weather returns. Secondly, early blooms can disrupt the timing of flowering plants teaming up with their counterparts the pollinators - birds, bees and butterflies. Thirdly, it could mean a longer sneezy, drippy allergic reaction to pollen season and nobody really likes a runny nose.

Maybe it's just a big tease, to get us thinking that the warm weather is back, letting us get comfortable before the torture of the last pangs of winter drag out. It's still a good time whether the weather is how you like it or not, to get any seeds going outside that need to be in the ground weeks before the last frost date. Turn your compost heap and clean up a little. There is always garden debris, lying around the garden left over from the fall or been blown in by strong winds over the winter.

lions to lambs - spring awakenings

It may be winter on the calendar but the piercing chill has definitely lifted from the air. If you're a lion or a lamb, it's time to get ready for the Spring season!

Q : What do you get when you cross a LION with a LAMB?

A : A gardening TIGER!

lions to lambs - spring awakenings