Creating natural habitats


We are all for creating natural habitats and bio diversity, in support of nature and our wildlife. Restrictions and lack of green space in our cityscapes create a disconnect to our environment. Easy care, low maintenance greenery and garden design, support our health, our families and our communities. Organic applications and materials sustain and regenerate the earth. Our purpose is to design handcrafted flourishing landscapes.


MORE MORE MORE. We desire to see more flowers, more plants, more greenery grown in and outdoors. Empty lots to become ecological design projects, pollinator friendly planter boxes cultivated outside commercial and residential buildings and creeping vines to stretch along the city walls. Honeybee hives kept on city rooftops, native and bumble bees roaming free and to persuade you to grow wild and cultivate in the urban jungle!

"The Urban Gardener Helena brings along with her erudition, up to date eco - news, a breathe of spring and optimism. She encourages her audience of students and more experienced folk to trust nature and let growth happen... in these times, a very wonderful reminder of the life force." - Nancy

" The Urban Garden Companion, was a fabulous and funny, attentive, and exceptionally knowledgeable host at her recent garden party at the Episcopal Actors Guild. I learned SO MUCH in such a short time...things I didn't even realize I need to know about fair trade, organic gardening, and GMO's to name a few. I left feeling incredible educated about how to determine what is best for the earth and what foods are safe to put into my body. The whole experience was fun, engaging, interactive, and educational in just under 2 hours. I, the ultimate gardening novice, was able to grow my own sunflower sprouts on my windowsill in under a week!! A true testament to the power and expertise that the Urban Garden Companion has to offer." - Kristen