Our maintenance packages all include in part or in full the following services depending on the season and package as follows: planting; watering; plant debris clearing; transplanting; succession planting; soil amendment: fertilizing; seed sowing; mulch application; compost support and application; window box management; stoop service; bed edging; over wintering preparation; perennial division.


Spring is a time of resurrection and renewal. Perennial plants come alive and start growing above the surface again. Trees, shrubs and vines creep back into action. It’s a great time to restructure and plant after clearing up the left over plant debris from winter.

Seasonal maintenance

Weekly, bi monthly or monthly maintenance falls under the seasonal maintenance package.  A garden is at it’s best groomed, pruned and shaped. We recommend a timely maintenance program to ensure you get the most out of your garden. We want you to have your garden and party in it too.

Fall clean out

Fall is the time to clean out and reorganize in the garden. It’s an important transition, as you are setting your garden up for winter dormancy. Unless you have a winter garden, flowers and plant growth are winding down. Getting the best out of your garden next season starts in the fall.

Indoor plants

Indoor plant packages are available for commercial and residential customers. All sized jobs are treated equally. We asses your plants light, water and nutrient requirements and schedule in a carefully crafted care program, specific for indoor plants.

Automated irrigation

We highly recommend installing a automated irrigation system for most of our outdoor clients and if applicable for our indoor clients too. It takes the guess work out of watering  schedules and techniques and in turn guarantees plant success.

Plant therapy

Life takes over and you have that one plant that needs some serious therapy. Whether it’s a indoor plant concern or an outdoor plant sudden health decline, intensive plant treatment is available. We stay with you until your plant's health recovers.