Hi, I'm Helena Founder of The Urban Garden Companion. I'm originally from Sydney, Australia, born and bred. Spending time in Europe, learning to garden there and in Australia, the colder arctic type climate of the East Coast was a real learning curve for me. I moved to NYC to pursue a career in the performing arts, when my passion for gardening sprung to life. I wanted to share my knowledge and love for gardening through writing and visual mediums, as well as physically designing gardens.

I personally would love to see all types of city spaces turned into ecological projects. They don’t have to be big. Growing a little wilderness on a windowsill, or constructing an orchard or vegetable garden on a rooftop, is enough to create mini ecosystems in a cityscape. I’m all for creating natural habitats in support of nature and our wildlife.

I’m amazed at how it all started for me, with a short stint at a weekend farmers market in Angel in London. Where I was privy to the farmers growing techniques who had the most delicious produce. I’ve been cultivating my horticultural skills ever since. That’s a whole lot of DIRT, SWEAT and YEARS!

 Lately, I’ve become obsessed with moss, my new ministry and teacher. Moss identification out in the field works hand in hand with  my love for mountain hiking. Growing wild in the forest, it keeps me fascinated for hours on the trail.


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