Brownstone Evergreen Front Yard

Backyard Zen Garden

Townhouse Courtyard and Stoop

Native Prairie Butterfly Garden

Backyard Perimeter Garden

Balcony Floral Boxes




Garden Design

Specializing in urban gardens, we create eco conscious, easy care, space savvy gardens with emphasis on wildlife and environmental support. Custom made to cultivate the results that you really want.

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How To’s

Offering a diverse library of “How To’s, for the beginner to advanced. We cover topics ranging from the foundations of urban garden design, to superb window boxes to how to grow from seed.

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Indoor Greenery

Indoor plants decorate and uplift an interior . We love helping you make plant and style choices and creating an environment that enhances your space and makes plant care a breeze.

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Our signature event is the Garden Tea Party. A fun live event where we discuss one plant topic moving into a cultivation class with a modern tea party finale. Virtual and more live events, coming soon.

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