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The Urban Garden Companion Vlog, is here to help you make the most of your garden. There is always a way to improve or introduce more green into your life and I am here to show you how.

Not only am I nifty in the garden but I know how to create gardens that are easily maintained with minimal effort and finance. Yep, I know it sounds to good to be true but growing and maintaining your own garden is easier than what you think. On this site, I will share my time tested secrets for indoor and outdoor gardening, for all shape and sized spaces.

So whether your garden consists of a mini-herb patch, planters on a fire escape or a sizeable yard, I got the knowledge to help you get on your green way. Once again, welcome! Get ready to get your garden in the best shape its ever been in. 

Work In the Garden

Growing from seed can be a rewarding experience. Along with sprouting success, comes a whole lot of joy. Here is a documented look at my work at the Brunswick School from April to November. A annual edible garden grown from seed. Learn more about growing from seed.

Play In the Garden

When work is done it's time to have fun. Pollinators and predators rarely off duty, whether in work or play mode, can provide entertaining nature study. Companion gardening is all about beneficial relationships in the garden, when the cat's away the bugs will play.


Catch More Flies With Honey

Chemical pesticides are the No 1 Cause of death amongst bees affected by Colony Collapse Disorder. Water soluble insecticides containing neonicotinoids cause Bumblebee Queens to lay fewer eggs. Without the queen laying eggs, there is no colony. 

How does your garden grow


Roses come in many different shapes, sizes, smells and colors. To find the right rose for your garden, match it to your needs. Do you need a rambler, climber or a shrub. Hybrids to Damask all roses need specific care.


Animals in the garden are a good thing. For instance slugs can feast on your veggie patch in one sitting of an afternoon. Garden snakes like to feast on slugs which keeps the count down and off your plants.


Bulbs are hardy and incredibly easy to maintain. They multiply each year giving you baby bulbs to replant around the garden in the fall. In spring add compost manure and a 2 inch layer of mulch.

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