New York City’s Free Hidden Garden Gems

Urban Gardens

Living in New York City, or in any urban city around the globe, can sometimes start to feel like it's more about work than play. A little green therapy can go a long way to help you connect back to nature and regenerate, over the time span of a lunch break. With more efforts been made globally to acknowledge the need for green space amongst our concrete cities, listed below are a few of my favorites parks and green spaces around town, which are not quite as busy yet as the main park attractions.

Greenacre Park Waterfall

Greenacre Park 217 E51st Street New York Ny 10022 8 - 8pm Mon - Sun

A beautiful urban garden providing shade, shelter and serenity from the busy NYC streets. Funded by the Rockerfeller family in 1971, it truly is a out of sight city gem. The sound of the waterfall drowns out conversations and city noises. Pleasing to the eye, this vigorous stream of water, elevates and rejuvenates the mind and body, in the time it takes to eat lunch. An intelligent use of space, this  garden is a green mark of modern day New York City.


Ford Foundation Atrium

The Ford Foundation 1440 Broadway New York, Ny 10018 9- 5pm Mon -Fri

If only all office building could be this way. One entrance leads into the atrium the other onto the street. Built in the 1960's the garden has a sleek James Bond feel. I kept thinking he was going to jump out from behind a column and ask me for my green ID.  With an elegant water feature at its center,  It is a good use of space using the different levels to create a well layered lush indoor garden. A must see.


Elevator Acre

Elevator Acre 55 Water Street New York, Ny 10041 8 - 9pm Mon - Sun

Located in the historical downtown area of Manhattan, 3 storeys up from ground level. This elevated landscaped urban garden is peaceful, and has a chic modern design, with panoramic views of brooklyn and the heliport. There is a cosy outdooor bar and grill,  open daily from 4 - 9pm. After a hard days work and a stretch on the great lawn you can stay and have dinner in the park under the stars. Now that's something to be green about.


Conservancy Garden Central Park

Conservancy Garden 105th st & 5th ave New York, Ny 10029 8 -8pm

I love this garden. It is the only formal garden in Central Park. On entry you are greeted with wrought iron gates from Cornelius Vanderbuilts mansion which once stood further down 5th ave. The garden proving to be a little further uptown than most would like to venture, makes the location a virtue, as it dosen't get crowded. The Wisteria pegola is impressive, as is the layout, dividing the garden into 3 smaller themed gardens, Italian, French and English. A historical place to read a book on a bench, or catch up with friends in a stylish environment.


Paley Park

Paley Park 3 E 53rd St  New York, Ny 10022 Open 24 hrs

A privately owned public space, Paley Park is an outstanding example of an urban garden. Whether your sightseeing or out and about in midtown and need a rest, the smallest park in New York City is the place to do this. With creeping ivy, natures own outdoor living wall, and light refreshments available at the Paley Park cafe it's a fine place for a rest. Smoking is allowed, a great excuse to crack open that Cuban cigar box. Closed for the winter be sure to visit in the spring when the water fall cascades once again.