Window Box Design

Variation of The Thriller. Filler. Spiller.

Summer floral window box

DESIGNING window boxes can be tricky. I love using the Thriller. Filler. Spiller. technique and variations of to create the perfect floral window box arrangement. In this video I use a variation of the T.F.S. and resurrect a floral window display box mid season, using asymmetry with 2 Thrillers, 2 Spillers and 1 Filler.

The selection of plants bloomed right up to the first frosts and the perennial plants featured will grow back next season. I used compost soil from Bumper Crop. It has a light texture and is packed with nutrients. Window boxes, need a plant food boost twice a month for optimum growth. There’s a lot going on in that box and it needs to be nourished!  Thriller 1 - Annual Hibiscus, Thriller 2 - Spike ,Filler - Annual Fern, Spiller 1 - Creeping Jenny ,Spiller 2 - Calibrachoa.

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