Making A Window Box Using The Thriller Filler Spiller

Variation of The Thriller. Filler. Spiller.

making a window box using the thriller.spiller.filler.

DESIGNING window boxes can be tricky. I love using the Thriller. Filler. Spiller. technique and variations of, to create the perfect floral window box arrangement. In this video I use a variation of the Thriller. Filler. Spiller and resurrect a floral window display box mid summer season. Using asymmetry with 2 Thrillers, 2 Spillers and 1 Filler and lot's of foliage and color the results are pleasing.

Plan your window boxes accordingly. Featured is a  24 inch by 6 inch rectangular box. I used 5 plants. Do the math before heading out to the store. Plants that work well in boxes vary from 2 inch up to 12 inches. Smaller boxes need smaller sized plants. With every arrangement, you need to buy enough plants to fill the box from the off.

I revamped this window box in the middle of summer when plants are readily available in store. Even so, time was limited, as the season technically was well on the way and nearly over. Unlike in spring when I had time on my side to have the plants and flowers grown in, I used florals that bloomed quickly and for a longer duration.

The selection of plants bloomed right up to the first frosts and the perennial plants featured will grow back next season. I used compost soil from Bumper Crop. It has a light texture and is packed with nutrients. Window boxes, need a plant food boost twice a month for optimum growth. There’s a lot going on in that box and it needs to be nourished!  Thriller 1 - Annual Hibiscus, Thriller 2 - Spike ,Filler - Annual Fern, Spiller 1 - Creeping Jenny ,Spiller 2 - Calibrachoa.

For more info and inspiration on creating stunning window boxes read my seasonal window box making blog post here.